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Email SolutionsHigher Reliability
Moving your email to the cloud offers a much greater reliability than your typical server in a closet – and cloud providers are experts at maintaining and securing email services. The best providers offer a 99.999% uptime service-level agreement to their clients. A service-level agreement means that they’re promising less than 30 seconds of unplanned downtime a month. Contact On-Site PC Services to learn more about moving your email to the cloud.
Exchange HostingBetter Security
A hosted email provider is able to spend more resources on security measures than you would be able to provide on your own. This includes cyber security measures that deter phishing attacks and other online threats, as well as physical security to protect hardware from theft or damage.

Exchange HostingLower Legal Costs & Better Intellectual Property Protection
In this day and age, it’s imperative that every email and every attachment is preserved and protected. This will significantly reduce the cost of eDiscovery in the event of litigation. In addition, it will safeguard the intellectual property contained in your email against loss, even if an employee decides to clean out their all of their old emails.

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