Hosted Security & MSP Tools Strengthen Service Provider’s Value

Hosted Security & MSP Tools Strengthen Service Provider’s Value

On-Site PC Services has grown its customer base by giving small businesses a more personalized and cost-effective service solution compared to the “Big 5” consulting companies in the area. Physicians, lawyers, CPAs, churches, and other offices with 5 to 50 PCs and 1 or 2 servers rely on On-Site PC Services when they need to select or deploy a solution.

Managed services customers represent a fast-growing segment of the provider’s business. For the last 10 years, On-Site PC Services used a variety of antivirus solutions to protect managed clients. Price points were not good and the technical support team had issues with the centralized support capabilities offered by the other security vendors.

For several years, On-Site PC Services was aware of a local trend. Clients were moving to hosted email, backups, and collaborative tools. As they tried to align service packages to their cloud-centric service offerings, they discovered additional shortcomings in terms of managing their security solutions. It was time to evaluate alternatives.

As they started looking for cloud-friendly security solutions, On-Site PC Services was invited to a Managed Workplace Conference in Dallas, Texas. Here they were shown a demonstration of the Trend MicroTM Worry-FreeTM Remote Manager.

“Right from the start, we could see that the Trend Micro small business solutions and MSP program were just what we needed,” said Brian Davis, President and CEO of On-Site PC Services. “Trend MicroTM Worry-FreeTM Business Security Services can easily be rolled into our cloud-based packages, but the biggest benefit is how easy it is to manage the hosted security solution.”

After the conference, On-Site PC Services started planning the switch to Trend Micro. Three months into the deployment, the provider has switched 27 managed offices to Worry-Free Business Security Services, and is using Worry-Free Remote Manager for a single view across all sites.

Deployments are easy and configurations are simple to replicate across similar businesses and sites.
“The more we use Worry-Free Remote Manager, the more we see how easy and effective it is,” said Davis. “We get alerts on any virus activity, and have set up behavior monitoring and web filtering — it works so well that our number one priority has been to convert all of our clients to Trend Micro.”

The provider also relies on Autotask, its PSA tool, and appreciates the ability to integrate Worry-Free Remote Manager with it. On-Site PC Services also uses the Trend Micro Licensing Management Platform. Every new client deployment includes setting up the site for monitoring using Worry-Free Remote Manager and the Licensing Management Platform.

“Automation is important, since it keeps costs in line with our budget and our clients’ budgets,” said Davis. “With Worry-Free solutions, we can set up automatic notifications so that customers aren’t bothered with pop-ups, and so we can be preventative instead of just reactionary. This is especially important for license expirations since it is our responsibility to keep them protected.”

“Our number one concern is protecting our clients and making sure that they see the value of what we do,” said Davis. “Trend Micro MSP tools make it easy to generate reports that demonstrate this value and show how we are protecting their business.”

In the past, forecasting licensing requirements for security solutions was problematic. Now, with
the Trend Micro MSP “pay-as-you-go” licensing, On-Site PC Services no longer has to stress over licensing forecasts. “With the Trend Micro MSP licensing, we can assign 20 seats, but if they only use 17 or 18, they only pay for those. And it is easy to reallocate or add a license. Trend Micro gives us a great month-to-month model and billing that tracks exactly what customers use.”

MSP licensing has also improved the provider’s bottom line.

“With the previous security vendors, we lost a lot of revenue opportunities because we couldn’t accurately track renewals,” said Davis. “Trend Micro gives us the ability to stay on top of renewals, and we also get a much better cost structure for licenses. Our margins used to be only 10% for security solutions, and with Trend Micro we are just learning the revenue potential but it will be much higher — margins could go up to 100%. Visibility is key — if we have visibility, we gain revenue.

“Trend Micro does it all and more. Our techs have a single login to a customer base portal, the model fits our client budgets, and the solution brings real value like web filtering that we can show our clients. The switch to Trend Micro has been a huge value add for our company — more than we originally expected.”

Next Steps

Today, most of On-Site PC Services’ customers still have systems on their site. By helping customers take advantage of hosted email, backups, and security, they can offer services packages that are more reasonably priced for small businesses.

“With Trend Micro hosted security, and the efficiency gained with MSP tools, our price aligns with the outsourced model,” explained Davis. “The introduction of Worry-Free solutions also opens the door for us to grow into other areas such as managed residential security solutions. This is a huge, huge opportunity we see in our market.”

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